Each player will need a size 3 ball, shin guards with socks that cover them completely and soccer cleats. It is not permitted to have exposed metal or sharp parts. Jewelry (earrings) and watches are to be removed before the game. Players should report 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game to allow for warm-up. The game consists of two 20 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime.

U6 play 3 v 3. Fields are approximately 25 yards wide and 35 yards long. U6 teams are divided into an A team and B team. The A team will consist of more aggressive and confident players. The B team will consist of less aggressive players. At this level our goal is to work on good sportsmanship, confidence building, basic skill building and an introduction to the game. Placing aggressive players against more timid players does not give the timid players the opportunity to build their skills that they will have while playing against other players at their skill level. It also does not allow the more aggressive players to improve their skills. This to the best solution at this age level. The two teams will play concurrently on adjacent fields. There are no goalies at this level and no score or record-keeping.

U8 will play 4 v 4 and does not have teams divided into A and B. Our U8 teams play only one game at a time. The field sizes and goals get progressively larger as the kids move up.

A coach or parent referee is assigned by each team to each field. Their purpose is to coach players on starting plays, throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks and dangerous play. Coaches are encouraged to let all players be involved in the attack and have the opportunity to score.

Penalities will be called for all of the following and will result in a free indirect kick from the spot where it occurred:

1.) Slide-tackling

2.) Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent

3.) Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent

4.) Jumping or charging at an opponent in any direction

5.) Striking or attempting to strike at an opponent

6.) Spitting at an opponent

7.) Holding or pushing an opponent

8.) Intentional hand ball

There are no off side penalities at this level.