Procedures Implementing Oregon Youth Soccer

Association Policy 802-1, Section 5.A.4.

Effective September 9, 2008

1. Application

These procedures apply to an OYSA member club's request for permission to roster a player

whose documented age is less than the team's documented age and is, or will be, entered into

an OYSA sponsored league or tournament.

2. Purpose

These procedures are intended to allow truly exceptional players whose soccer playing ability

far exceeds the players' age group the opportunity to participate on a team whose playing level

is commensurate with the players' ability.

3. Request for Exception

The OYSA member club seeking to obtain an exception to player roster limitations as provided

in Policy 802-1, Section 5.A.4., shall make a written request to the Manager, Registration

Services for an exception. The request must be in writing and must include the following:

A. The name of the requesting club

B. The full legal name of the player concerned

C. The player's Date of Birth

D. If the player is currently registered as a member of Oregon Youth Soccer, state the

club and age group where the player is currently registered.

E. If the player is not currently registered as a member of Oregon Youth Soccer, provide a

copy of the child's birth certificate and state where the child has been playing soccer.

F. A statement signed by the coach of the team to which the player would be rostered that

the player in question:

1. Is ranked among the top 10 players on the team

2. Would be expected to start at least half of all team games and would play not less

than 50% of the available playing time in each team game, unless prevented from

playing by reason of absence, injury, or team discipline, including participation in

Qualifying Tournament and State Cup or President's Cup matches.

participate on the team.

3. Has the necessary psychomotor, social, and cognitive development to successfully

G. A statement signed by the club's president stating that:

1. The child meets all club requirements for membership in the club.

2. The child's parents have been informed that the child is not required to participate

3. The child's parents have been informed of the risks inherent in having a child

4. The parents and the child have been informed of other available playing options at

5. If the club does not offer alternative playing options, the parents have been

H. A statement signed by the child's parents in which the parents:

1. Specifically acknowledge receiving the information stated in H.2.-5.

Procedures Implementing Policy 802-1.doc Revised: February 12, 2015

at the club just because that is the club at which the child has tried out.

participate in a sports activity involving players two or more years older than the


the club, including playing at the child's age level.

advised of alternative playing options at other clubs.

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2. Request that the child be allowed to participate on the team

3. Specifically accept all risks inherent in allowing their child to participate in athletic

4. State why they believe that allowing their child to participate on the team would be

5. State what negative effects would result from preventing the child from playing up

Upon receipt of a request as outlined above, the OYSA office will review the application for

completeness. Upon determination of the application, OYSA shall determine whether the

application states a reasonable basis to consider allowing the player in question to be rostered

on the team.

A. If a reasonable basis for an exception is stated, the application shall be approved and

the player will be placed onto the team by OYSA.

B. If the application does not state a reasonable basis to consider allowing the player to be

rostered on the team, the application will be denied.

C. OYSA shall advise the Club of the decision on the application by email.

competition with children 2 or more years older than their child

necessary and appropriate for the child's continued development.

only 1 year instead of 2.